Welcome to Ironwood Ranch

Welcome Friends to Ironwood Ranch, a small ranch with a heart as big as Texas located in the rolling hills of North Texas.
Our mission is to manage our ranch in an environmentally sustainable way and raise the best quality registered Texas Longhorns to be found. We invite you to take a look at our website and learn about our animals and their pedigrees. If you are looking for pasture ornaments, new breeding stock or proven producers, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note. We are always available to answer questions and give advice to help you in your pursuit of the Texas Longhorn legacy and adventure.

I grew up in West Texas and spent a lot of time outdoors camping and hiking in the Caprock region of our fine state. It was there that I first experienced and fell in love with the legendary Texas longhorn. My wife, Renee', is from deep East Texas in the heart of the Pineywoods Region. Her Dad was an Aggie and she grew up around cows, calves, feed and fertilizer. When our youngest daughter graduated from high school and the small north Texas town we were living in climbed from a population of 3000 people to a booming suburb of over 35 thousand—we made the decision to get back to what we love—starry Texas nights, quiet roads, owls calling, coyotes singing, and the peace and self satisfaction that comes with working outdoors caring for your land and your animals.

To put our dream in motion we sold our house and headed north towards Oklahoma. We bought a small ranch with the purpose of raising a herd of top quality Longhorns. After extensive research and with advice and counsel from some of the best Longhorn breeders in Texas we founded Ironwood. Our ranch name is derived from the many old oak trees that dot our property here in the Cross Timbers region. Some of these trees were already old when the last cattle drives through north Texas were held in the late 1800’s.

We are not a big operation but we can guarantee that our animals carry only the best blood lines and a look at their ancestry confirms that we take great pride in our breeding program. We continually strive for cattle with good confirmation, intelligence, personality and health. Our animals are known for their gentle disposition and of course impressive horns!. We work with our herd every day so they are comfortable around us and our guests. To be honest, we love and adore them like our own children and once you get to know them you will feel the same.

Famed Texas writer J. Frank Dobie once said “The Texas Longhorn made more history than any other breed of cattle the civilized world has known.” Our goal is to continue to make history with these legendary animals. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you make history with Ironwood Ranch Registered Texas Longhorns!

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